Sustaining and expanding in the world’s largest online amazon market requires expertise on hands. The virtual assistant takes care of your business with all the professional skills that your business needs for expansion. They will handle your work from product sourcing to customer service, they will make you stand in the online marketplace with their searching capabilities, instant business set-up efficacy ideas. Our trained virtual assistant will make your seller account visibility on top with their SEO Based search engine visibility trends, online marketing, and account to management skills.

Our VA training will equip you part-time or full-time with the marketing and selling skills that will escalate your business to a new level of E-Commerce success.

Why hire Amazon Virtual Assistant (VA)?

Our virtual assistants are 24 hours ready to serve you. Their services will help you with

  • time management
  • profit generation
  • peace of mind
  • sustainability
  • cost reduction
  • and low investment

What services would you get as a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistant services will aid you in establishing your amazon seller account and taking your orders, processing your orders along with various tasks of online selling business. Following are the tasks:

  1. Ecommerce Product search and data entry
  2. Management of orders and transactions.
  3. Inventory management on daily basis.
  4. Writing SEO-based product descriptions.
  5. Product customer support 24/7 in form of email or a chatbox.
  6. Management of order processing.
  7. Management of coupons
  8. Product categories generation and handling.
  9. Management of product returns and refunds.

Training course package:

This is advisable and appropriate for all the youngsters’ including boys and girls and housemakers too, striving for the extra source of income. The investment budget is small which $5k-10k. The fee charges are $300.

Training offer

The training would be done by zoom so anyone from Pakistan and overseas can join it sitting at home.


Figure 1. Infographic representing services of an amazon virtual assistant



FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) is a service based on the retailer for shipping and dropping packages to the clients. Enroll in the FBM training, it would enable you to list the products of your own choice using the amazon platform along with the other tasks such as packaging, shipping, and handling customer support.

How does it work?

  • registration on amazon
  • product listing on amazon
  • customer targeting
  • shipping of products
  • payment by amazon

Amazon is a big market and it offers many platforms to pick and earn. Fbm training Bootcamp gives the seller control over his own business.

What benefits do you get from choosing FBM Bootcamp?

  • Independent brand establishment
  • less loss in business
  • Fewer policies obligations and paperwork of amazon.
  • seller’s own desired business
  • Seller’s control on the business.
  • Easy check and balance on the retail activity with less investment.

Training course Package:

The investment budget should be $1500. The course charge fee is $600.




The Amazon Bootcamp allows you to become the best seller in the competitive ecosystem and introduce your private label with the help of FBA PL training if you dream of earning through amazon, FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is the best choice for you.

Amazon sellers will get ease through shipping, selling, a dropshipping task handled by amazon itself. Amazon Fba will channelize the seller to focus on the selling, marketing, and optimization process.

Amazon will take responsibility for your products and will ship them to the customers.

To get started and selling your products, you need the best course for it. Amazon FBA boot camp is the one to equip you with experience-based knowledge.

Amazon Fba program will ensure the fulfillment of sellers by selling the items to the customers. it will help with the sponsored ads, discount fees to the customers.

Amazon Fba Private label teaches you to launch the product under your brand which is one way to beat the competitive market of amazon sellers.

Amazon Fba PL Training includes:

  1. Amazon account setup.
  2. FBA suitable niche search.
  3. Product research
  4. Product sourcing.
  5. Logo making.
  6. Order Samples
  7. Order Minimum Quantity
  8. Listing

Training course package:

It will include Bootcamp and the related training. The fee charges are $900.


Being a top executive, one needs to see the long-term sales and marketing perspectives for excellence in online business. Executive training makes the managers improve their performance and be able to increase the sales process cost-effectively. Marketing Professionals, sales professionals, Marketing and Sales managers can now boost their performance and help clients in the expansion of their business.

This course helps the managers in:

  • Becoming leaders from managerial status.
  • Handling performance-related issues like late processing.
  • The transition of their team members into high-performance units.
  • Coaching of their team members on regular basis.
  • Dealing with workload through proper planning.
  • Improvement in bottom-line performance such as sales and customer review.
  • Conflict resolution professionally and ethically.

Training course package:

The course includes VA and hyper launch experience. 2-3 clients will be given to upscale your performance. The fee charges are $500.


This training would benefit all the persons who would want to run businesses with experiential real-time launce. You can start your business with a professional and would get hands-on covers all aspects of a lucrative and successful business.

Who would benefit from this training?

  • Those who are Project Sponsors including the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • Those who work for revenue and Customer experience including Head of Sales, Brand Managers, Product experts
  • Operations including Warehousing, Customer Service, Accounts IT including Project Managers and people responsible for systems that will integrate with Ecommerce

Training course package:

This course is appropriate for persons who are 30+ and want to centralize their focus on their business.

Training offer

The training offers boot camp plus 1-1 phone consultation with expert Hafiz Ahmed. It is very easy for the persons who want to manage their business from home. They can do it all over the voice communication channels. All the middle class and professional persons can afford this training course. The fee charge for this course is $1500.




Elite E-commerce training

With the dropshipping business, the entrepreneurs would get the advantage of marketing business. With the wrong marketing, customers cannot see your products or store and they might see your ad but ignore it. Ecommerce elite training is here to work on the loops in the dropshipping business of an entrepreneur. Growth and revenue generation is the ultimate goal of any business that is quite possible with advanced practical skills.

It would assist

  • With practical advice from a professional in your online business.
  • Packed with videos of online business made to help in online business.
  • Groups of professionals ready to help you at any time. You will get a chance to tie with veteran entrepreneurs.
  • It will help n targeting customers with the best skills and alternative business approaches.

Training course package:

Elite training is advisable for the age group 40+ with a good investment budget of $30k-$50k. It is for those who are ready to invest and have less time to give to their business, those who are already busy doing highly paid jobs and do not have time to give.  The Fee for this course is $5000.

Training offer

This training will have 1-1 training with the recommendation of products+ partner recommendation by Hafiz Ahmed.

Elite + Training

Integration of the elite plus program with your e-commerce business promises the delivery of efficiency among business owners and professionals. The elite plus training program is designed for the marketers who are running their business with their online products. They can get advancement in their business with this elite plus training program. This program will have its Facebook ads posted on its next level of growth.

With this training program, you will get:

  • Advanced Product research training.
  • Organic Instagram and Facebook traffic.
  • Email marketing training
  • Google SEO traffic marketing
  • Chatbot academy practical training for online sales.
  • Group circles and with other veteran and professional members.
  • Instant marketing updates.
  • Facebook ads budget optimization.
  • Brand central marketing performance for multiple shots in a short period.
  • Policy learning about Facebook ads to avoid the bans on the product sale.

Training course package:

This training course is advisable and suitable for the 40+ age persons with $100k investment budget. The course fee is $5000 same as elite.

Training offer

The only difference is multiple product launching instead of one as in elite course.